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Embark on a mesmerizing adventure in Tierra del Fuego.

Discover the southernmost tip of South America, where pristine landscapes meet rich history. Uncover the secrets of this enchanting region with our expert-guided excursions.


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This is the one.

It's more than an escape; it's an immersion into one of the world's last untamed frontiers.

This crafted, multi-day experience is tailored for true adventurers, seekers of disconnection, and those craving solace in uncharted landscapes.
Southern Tierra de Fuego beckons, offering a rare opportunity to traverse the less-trodden paths, creating a bespoke adventure far from the beaten trail. Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of this nearly unexplored realm. The experience is customizable, allowing you to tailor the length and duration to match your unique desires.

Unleash your spirit of exploration – dive into the heart of Southern Tierra de Fuego.

king penguin in tierra del fuego_.jpg

Embark on a mesmerizing journey from Punta Arenas to Pinguino Rey, a sanctuary of natural wonders. Witness the regal king penguins in their untouched habitat, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Our expert-guided tour ensures an immersive encounter with these majestic creatures, offering a seamless blend of wildlife exploration and Patagonian beauty. 


Our adventure leads us to the tranquil haven of Lago Blanco, strategically nestled amidst three extraordinary natural parks—de Agostini, Karunkinka, and Yendegaia. Discover unparalleled beauty as you relax in our cozy accommodations, offering panoramic views of the pristine lake and the majestic southern mountains. Experience the essence of Patagonian serenity at its finest.


As the sun rises, anticipate an early start to journey towards Caleta Maria. There, our adventure unfolds as we set sail to De Agostini National Park, a realm of glaciers and thriving wildlife. Immerse yourself in the wonders of this natural sanctuary, where every moment unveils a new spectacle. Join us on this expedition, harmonizing exploration with the beauty of pristine landscapes and the allure of diverse wildlife. 


The following day, our next journey will take us to Karukinka Natural Park. This pristine natural park, nestled in the heart of Tierra del Fuego, beckons with its diverse ecosystems. As you traverse its trails, immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of ancient forests, where native flora and fauna thrive. The trail unveils panoramic vistas of rolling hills and crystal-clear lakes, creating a symphony of colors against the backdrop of the Andes. Encounter the rich biodiversity of the region, from vibrant birdlife to elusive mammals. Every step echoes the harmony of nature, making this hike an unforgettable exploration of Patagonia's wilderness.



1. Introduction:
   AMIGOS PATAGONIA specializes in Patagonian tourism, offering tailored experiences to meet the preferences of clients.
   TIERRA DEL FUEGO tours are designed for adventurous individuals seeking disconnect and solitude in unexplored landscapes.

2. Personalized Experience:
   Services are personalized based on client preferences, with details documented in communications, forming part of the agreement.
   Final service price is communicated and considered integral to the agreement.

3. Service Inclusions:
   Services may include exclusive group transport, air travel, helicopter service (up to 2 passengers), bilingual guide, bottled water, snacks, accommodation, meals, and park tickets.
   Details of services provided are recorded in communications.

4. Exclusions:
   Tips are not included in the agreed-upon service price.

5. General Matters:
   Pickup and return within Punta Arenas.
  Passengers must comply with Amigos Patagonia's instructions; the company is not liable for consequences resulting from passengers' actions against instructions.
   Details of services are recorded in communications.

6. Weather Conditions:
   Services operate in all weather conditions.
   Exceptions apply to ferry transportation, tourist navigation, and air return services due to safety regulations.

7. Attire Recommendations:
   Passengers are advised to dress appropriately for Patagonian weather conditions.
   Amigos Patagonia is not responsible for consequences resulting from inadequate passenger attire.

8. Cancellation Policy:
   Force Majeure events allow a 100% refund, including travel advisories, war, terrorism, civil insurrection, natural disasters, and pandemics.
   Refund percentages vary based on the time of cancellation before the service's start presentation time.

9. Payment Agreement:
   Acceptance of terms is implied with the total or partial payment of the agreed-upon fee.
   Total payment establishes Amigos Patagonia's obligation to provide services under the agreed-upon terms.

10. Travel Insurance:
    Passengers are responsible for obtaining travel insurance covering potential damages, relieving Amigos Patagonia of liability.

This summary is provided for convenience and does not replace the detailed terms and conditions outlined in the original document. Clients are encouraged to REVIEW THE COMPLETE TERMS & CONDITIONS HERE before engaging in services with AMIGOS PATAGONIA.

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