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Torres del Paine 

This isn't just a tour; it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the untouched landscapes of Patagonia in all their glory. From the moment you take off, the adventure begins, and with each passing moment, a new chapter of natural beauty unfolds.
Book your seat now to partake in this extraordinary aerial odyssey over the heart of Torres del Paine. Uncover the secrets of Patagonia from the sky and create memories
that will last a lifetime.

Footage courtesy of our valued traveler Kay. IG


This is a Typical itinerary for this experience.

Embark on a thrilling adventure starting at 8:30 AM with a seamless pick-up from your cruise terminal or hotel, swiftly transporting you to our exclusive helipad within the port. As you ascend, a mesmerizing world unfurls below, revealing the concealed treasures of this enchanting region.

Soar over expansive Nothofagus forests, their verdant canopy stretching endlessly, and gain a bird's-eye view of ancient caves, shrouded in mystique.

The journey unfolds, unveiling the timeless allure of turquoise lakes that punctuate the rugged Patagonian landscape. From the helicopter, witness these pristine water bodies, each a jewel in the rugged terrain. This unique vantage point allows you to savor the untouched beauty, a privilege reserved for the fortunate few.

Upon a secure landing, a dedicated private vehicle awaits to transport you into the captivating heart of Torres del Paine National Park. Traverse the park's interior, where every twist and turn reveals new wonders, fostering a continuous sense of awe.

Cross pristine rivers, follow the contours of turquoise lakeshores, and behold the untamed Patagonian wildlife. This journey promises a tapestry of moments marked by pure marvel and unspoiled natural splendor. As you explore, the landscape unfolds like a living painting — endless Nothofagus forests whispering ancient secrets, mysterious caves steeped in history, and the timeless allure of glistening turquoise lakes. This adventure is more than a journey; it's an immersion into the very essence of Patagonia's wild and untouched beauty.


As our adventure nears its conclusion, we'll embark on our return journey to Punta Arenas. While you may be physically tired, your memory card will be brimming with indelible moments that will stay with you forever.


Important information


  • Air-conditioned vehicle

  • Private transportation

  • Private Helicopter ride

  • Private bilingual guide

  • Bottled water

  • Box Lunch

  • Entry/Admission - Torres del Paine National Park


  • Gratuities

Departure details

We will pick you up anywhere in Punta Arenas
Returns to original departure point

6-8 hours

Additional information

Cancellation Policy
We offer 100% refund if a traveler is prevented from participating in their tour for a reason outside of their control (force majeure). Examples include:

  • A state-issued travel warning which advises against travel to the destination country or an applicable region. (Issued after the tour booking date.)

  • An act of war, terrorism, or civil insurrection.

  • A natural disaster

Events that do not constitute full refund include:

  • Illness

  • Poor weather

  • Change of plans

  • Oversleeping.

If the flight needs to be canceled due to weather conditions, a 90% refund of the amount paid will be issued.


Events that do not constitute full refund, the policy is as follows:

  • Cancelling between seven and thirty days before your arrival has a 50% refund. -Cancelling between six days and 24 hours before your arrival has a 25% refund. -Cancelling within the 24 hours has a 0% refund.

Max. 2 participants
This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate


The departure date and time of charter flights shall be contingent upon favorable meteorological conditions for the respective departure; however, in the event that weather conditions do not permit a flight, it shall be conducted at the earliest opportune moment whenever feasible.

The Client agrees to pay 50% of the price of the contracted services , within a maximum period of 15 (fifteen) days from the receipt and signing of the contract . The remaining 50% must be paid 15 (fifteen) days before the scheduled flight . Failure to pay the final and actual amount within the specified period will be considered a material breach of the contract, and the Client shall be liable for any damage to the Company under Chilean laws. Moreover, this material breach grants AMIGOS PATAGONIA the right to immediately terminate the Contract. Additionally, all expenses associated with positioning, refueling, and any other aircraft operations at locations outside established aerodromes or bases, as requested by the Client, shall be borne by the Client. Similarly, the expenses for the transportation, accommodation, and meals of the crew (two persons) shall be the responsibility of the Client. From the moment the Client is in default due to non-payment of the service price or the expenses for which they are responsible, the Client shall be liable for any damage resulting from force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances that occur in AMIGOS PATAGONIA's aircraft during the term of this contract.

AMIGOS PATAGONIA shall not be responsible for cancellations and/or cancellations of charter flights if the payment of the invoiced amount for the services has not been made by the dates indicated above.
AMIGOS PATAGONIA shall not be responsible for delays or postponements resulting from weather conditions or force majeure in the execution of flights, such as technical problems with the aircraft. The Client expressly releases AMIGOS PATAGONIA from any resulting damage.
The price of the charter flight is valid within the contracted day and time. In case, at the request of the Client or due to delays or any cause attributable to the Client, flights are requested for different days and times than the original ones, the operation is conditional upon the helicopter being available on those new dates and times, which cannot be later than the expiration date of the contract.
Only in the event that the flight(s) cannot be carried out due to a cause directly attributable to AMIGOS PATAGONIA, it shall reimburse the Client 100% of the amount paid for the suspended flights.

The Client is responsible for the behavior of passengers, adhering to legal provisions for the transport of passengers and cargo, and agrees to follow all instructions given by the Aircraft Commander in accordance with Chilean aeronautical regulations.
If the flight must be suspended due to weather conditions and cannot be carried out, AMIGOS PATAGONIA will attempt to reschedule it as soon as possible within the contract period, without further liability for the Company. If the client does not wish or is unable to reschedule it for a period other than the originally contracted one, a refund of 90% of the total amount paid will be provided.

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